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BiônicaHealthcare platformMobile application to monitor children's temperature, it is an IoT solution applied in healthcare industry. The application has the purpose of assisting parents in the task of efficiently taking care of their children while collecting relevant medical data
Healthcare App
NickelPay Bank
NickelPay BankComposable BankingBank API built using a microservice architecture to facilitate the integration with other financial APIs and to scale the whole banking process. Nickelpay Bank fits with any B2B who needs to integrate financial solutions.
B2B Finance
NickelpayRetail FintechMobile fintech financial application with open banking concept, which offers financial services for individuals and organizations based on an white-label architecture.
Finance B2B
RemoteRoutes Manager appWeb and mobile application to assist the control of routes for services and deliveries, which will organize and optimize your deliveries through a web platform for managers and an application for delivery person.
B2B Routes Manager
WecolabReseller platformWeb platform for reselling productivity products to companies, which uses the concept of gamification to direct the user to take courses according to their trajectory.
Resale B2B
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