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The challenge
The client had the goal of creating a platform for monitoring the temperature of newborn babies, children, and adults. They already have some hardware that measures the temperature (thermometer) however now they intend to make it smarter by being able to transfer and manage data to the cloud service (Cloud computing) or smartphone. Unlike competitors which may communicate only by Wi-Fi, even with no limitations for communication via Bluetooth.
Biônica - Explain projectThe project was composed of a survey to map the desired functionalities, added by qualitative research with the target audience. Using the discovery process of Mobix the necessities of real users could be set. The implementation step was made natively for both Android and iOS so the application could run with efficient performance on hardware. In the end, this service could register some symptoms of the patient and gave responses on a mobile interface based on the registered temperature. In addition, the mobile app could understand the patient's history and suggests visiting the doctor by demand.

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