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Resealer Retail
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Brazil companies
Product cycle
2 years
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The challenge

The company already works with this service to curate productivity and resale products for its customers. The process was fully operational with a focus on traditional companies. The sales team was delivering results with annual growth of less than 10%, falling short of business expectations.

So Safetec reached out to Mobix to help them execute a different strategy to explore a new perspective and new opportunities to create digital products to track the company's performance.

We face a significant challenge in providing Safetec with a digital transformation to create a startup perspective where innovation and a strong product culture are key points for the new brand, Wecolab.

The objective is to develop a new business that can replace the previous one, better serving the target market, more integrated with commercial partners and more scalable, that is, Wecolab would be Safetec's next growth curve.
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The process

To start construction and build a new team to lead the process, we started with the complete Design-Development process.

The Design process was applied to all aspects of the business, transforming the old company and format into a new company.

To execute the work plan, we split it into a separate process like business modeling and design+dev side.From the business strategy, the solution was launched with a dynamic structure, whether the customer could get it through fixed plans or configure their own plan.
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On the design side, we improved the service experience, creating a new web solution that delivers the proposed objective, which was to offer;

Training and workshops using gamification concepts;
Knowledge trails to train teams;
Data and analysis tools;
Storage of data and documents;
Integrate all files and documents in a single space;
Allow people to work in the same integrated space.

The development of this project was coded by a mixed team, shared by the Mobix team and the client team using all of our core stacks (React + Node).

The solution

Wecolab stands out as a suite of performance tools designed to help businesses work more efficiently and securely online. To be a web application with the best tools for data management, internal communication and other operational activities that improve the efficiency of the team.

For whom companies can start their digital transformation process properly, running data and documents securely in the cloud, integrating all files and documents in a single place, having spaces for communication and meetings and allowing employees to work in the same space integrated.
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