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White-label solution for banking as a service
Fintech SaaS
Based on
Franchises companies
Product cycle
2 years
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The challenge

In this project, the client had many business challenges to face, starting by a new business approach to sell financial services along with his retail clients and also to be able to have a financial control of franchises companies of the holding.

The client is a huge holding that needs to manage the whole financial flow of the franchises bellow with a simple, integrated and fast BPO process.

The process

As every fintech concept is very complex, Nickel was no different, we faced many challenges and for the beginning of our work we started with the challenge of carrying out the entire process of planning, solution design, development, maintenance and training of the team that would be hired to be the client's internal team.

To start, we needed to verify all API standards that we would consume from Brazilian banking systems, as well as validate all the operational, financial and accounting architecture of a franchise to transpose the software architecture. To then link to the financial products that Nickel would offer in each version of its solution.

In the next step, we started to run our Design process to conceive and test the operation, in this way we ran some interface alternatives and started to collect data to build on what was best accepted by the consumer customer of the solution.

In our development phase, we started to integrate our team with the teams of partner companies to facilitate the construction and we followed a documentation system for all areas (design, business, front, back and devops) to facilitate the exchange of information and of the future training of the team that would do the maintenance. This whole process was a lot of work, the number of stacks and the microservices architecture took a considerable amount of time and even so we managed to meet all expectations.

At the end of the delivery of applications, we started the maintenance and training of the team that would be responsible for maintaining the services conceived and developed by Mobix.
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Our aim was to use current components and ease of use as cornerstones of this project, with customization and administration of your banking system for businesses as strengths. We worked on an iterative product development approach with this view in mind, including surveys with various user profiles raised and ongoing testing sessions, where we converted this into deliverables to generate hypotheses and validate them. In this order, we built the solution's structure and relationships, as well as the last piece that will give birth to the use case document, which will lead our development team through the product's production. We needed to understand the needs and issues of users before we could start building a product from scratch.

Then we researched the market, determined the solution's primary strengths and shortcomings, and condensed all of this data into graphic forms, maps, and persona creation. Our development team was building the architecture at the same time, creating scalable components centered on features and specific applications for various customers. They employed a white label approach to ensure that the app is fully scalable for various customer types. Individuals and enterprises in Brazil can use the application, which includes administration platforms for back-office tasks, on Google Play and the App Store.

The solution

The proposed solution is a Fintech based on the BaaS model, with web-based account management applications, financial flows between bank accounts, and a suite of other financial services, as well as a mobile app for customers to access their bank account and other financial products, and all of that is built in a white-label architecture.
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