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Mental health in your pocket
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Health services
Product cycle
2 years
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The challenge

The company has been in the market for a few years now and has a lot of experience in the mental health area and wanted to transport all this care and experience digitally to provide platforms for communication between patients and professionals, as well as act as a service for companies.

The business needs were then mapped and versioned so that in each version we could provide a functional piece of the application that could be launched on the market, over time as the applications grow and provide more features.
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The process

The project was built with the complete Design-Development process, where design started research with patients and professionals to understand their pain and needs, as well as kuyd's intentions to shape the application's screens and that at the end of the construction they were documented and provided to start the development team, where design was working and delivering over time as the applications were developed.
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The project was built with the complete Design-Development process, to start the project with several fronts (patient, professional and company), we divided it into versioning and started with the application for user/patient, since it is the central link of the entire project, in a first launch approach we focused on the application only as a content platform, in the second version more content aimed at subscription and in the third consultation, professional and company application.

In order to make the third version of the app possible, a version aimed at professionals was also built to manage consultations, and finally, we focused on the platform for companies to offer the app's services to their employees.

The solution

It's a set of platforms that connect the person/patient to psychologists from the most diverse lines of therapeutic approach, combining technology and mental health in their favor, with the application for the person/patient to consume content and make consultations, the application for the professional manage consultations and make calls and the company application so that they can monitor their employees and take care of their health.
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