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About us

We are Mobix

Outstanding Software Studio

A innovative software studio

Headquartered in the city of Recife, which creates customized mobile and web solutions both nationally and around the world. We believe that passion, collaboration and ethics are essential keys to success.

We want to support our customers to produce amazing products by developing the best solution through well-established processes. We are always together, from the beginning to the end of the process, as we believe that it is in joint construction that we see great ideas impact the world.

Every decision we make reflects our philosophy. We are a human-centric organization that believes that motivated, passionate, and righteous people are the foundation for creating world-class software.
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Our pillars

We’re a team of developers, designers and managers which works in all steps of your solution to build amazing products. We believe that passion, collaboration, and ethics are crucial points in the success of our time.
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We are open to other opinions and value all kinds of diversity. We love to share our ideas and our learning points.
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We put ourselves in each other's shoes and help each other grow. We are accountable to each other and empower others by sharing their achievements.
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We take responsibility for our actionsand we contribute to achieving our ambition.We love to do anything with passion we dare to go further by being.
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We work in a fully integrated and collaborative digital environment
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No dress-code
We don't have a dress code, so feel free to express yourself better
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Quality time
We love being together, so whenever possible we hold internal meetings and events
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Here you have autonomy to do your own time management

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We share our internal practices so that we can contribute positively to the entire technology community.
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Our opportunities

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