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The main actors of our system.
Our talended team We’re a team of developers, designers and managers which works in all steps of your solution to build amazing products. We believe that passion, collaboration, and ethics are crucial points in the success of our time.
Clara CastanhaProduct Designer
Felipe FigueirôaDeveloper
Giovanna FariasProduct Team
Guilherme DaguirProduct Designer
Johnny HerbertProduct Manager
João LadeiraDeveloper
João TinôcoLead-Developer and Partner
Kadijna UgietteProduct Designer
Kevin AlmeidaDeveloper
Letícia BurgosProduct Team
Marcos BezerraDeveloper
Pedro MartinsDeveloper
Renato RodriguesDeveloper
Suely TinôcoHead of Financial
Thiago AlvesMarketing
Thiago LimaProduct Manager and Partner
Ytalo MartinsLead-Developer and Partner


Our main tecnologies

We’re a team of developers, designers, and managers, in all steps of your solution to build amazing products.

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Where to find us:

Rua do Apolo, 235 - Recife Antigo, PE

Contact us:

partners@mobixtec.com+55 (81) 98544.4669
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