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Driving technology to
craft great software

A software house passionate about transforming ideas into amazing digital products
to cause positively impacting in the world we live.

What we offer

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We transform ideas into digital products using design our own framework of techniques. As a result, we delivery the fitable solution whitin a pack of artifact of business and design methodologies.
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Product design
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Product analyst + QA
We build high performance digital products. We run the best practice in software development to scale solutions or maintain systems regards any areas of software construction.
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Web development
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Mobile development
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In addition to coordinating and assisting in the implementation of agile methodologies in projects, we offer the best suggestions for technology, development architecture and decision-making based on good market practices.
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Tech consult
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Agilist / Scrum Master
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BI analyst

How we work

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First half cicle design
Immersion and research
Phase 1
During this phase, we will understand the problem we are facing, gather information about the project, and discover the user's pain points and needs.
First path cicle design
Phase 2
We will analyze the information of the previous phase and synthesize them, finding opportunities, and understanding the problem in-depth.
Second half cicle design
Phase 3
We will explore the possible solutions, understand the structure and evaluate them based on the framed problem.
Second path cicle design
Phase 4
During the last phase, the solution begins to come to life, where it will be evaluated, iterated, delivered, and documented.
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Phase 5
This phase is where the project organization begins, we will analyze the project requirements according to the handoff document delivered in the last design phase, list the functionalities, create the activities, and manage the project.
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Phase 6
This phase is where the project is codified, revisions, corrections, and continuous work management are carried out.
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Phase 7
It is at this stage that the project is delivered, alignments, testing and reporting are carried out.
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Phase 8
In the last phase, there is a detection of things that need to be added or even corrected, checking the solution and planning improvements.

What we do

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Two phones showing Nickelpay app
Mobile fintech financial application with an open banking concept, which offers financial services for individuals and organizations based on a white-label architecture
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A tablet and a phone showing Wecolab application
Web platform for reselling productivity products to companies, which uses the concept of gamification to direct the user to take courses according to their trajectory.
node blue logoreact blue logo
A tablet and a phone showing Zentalk application
It is a health and wellness application that you can access content and hold sessions at any time and from anywhere with psychologists ready to accompany you.
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What clients say about us

The strategy was instrumental in crafting the company's structure and has resulted in concrete progress in the business. Mobix Software Studio was devoted to achieving the client's goals and was communicative throughout.
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Ricardo Rocha
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The team's expert advice has allowed internal stakeholders to reduce their technology investments by 50%. A reliable group, Mobix Software Studio offers valuable suggestions spanning software engineering to AI.
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Felipe Farias
CEO, Moodar
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Mobix Software Studio successfully designed and developed the needed solution, which now serves as the cornerstone of the company. Their effective project management made for a seamless engagement. They were able to tackle all of the client's problems by facilitating the various startup processes.
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Antônio Lapa
CEO, Wecolab
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About us

Hello, we are Mobix

A software house passionate about transforming ideas into amazing digital
products to cause positively impacting in the world we live.
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Our culture
Every decision we make reflects our philosophy. We are a human-centered organization that believes that motivated, passionate, and upright people are the roots of creating world-class software.
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We share our internal practices so that we can contribute positively to the entire technology community.
Check our playbook
By believing in the power of our community, we seek to be part of the game that encourage the tech market's growth. We took the lead in the largest Juniors Companies in Pernambuco by offering a mentoring program, where we impact professionals from diverse/differents areas. In addition to being the executive directors of MaracaTec, a regional event for exchanging experiences and knowledge focused on the tech area.
Maracatec logo
Meeting to exchange knowledge and learn a lot with the aim of strengthening the local technology ecosystem.

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